Stop Worrying, Start Planning
We Are Here to Help: Preparing for Estate Planning

It’s a Thursday evening. Chores are done, the bunk’s been covered, and supper was an hour ago. You’ve been thinking about the future while you stare at whatever show is flashing on TV – what’s going to happen to the farm? Is the next generation ready to take over? You know you’re not going to live forever, but how does this all work? How will your living expenses be covered if you no longer operate the business? What exactly will you do in “retirement”? Perhaps it’s time to start the discussion.  

Williston, Vermont (November 8, 2018) Yankee Farm Credit today announced third quarter financial results for 2018. Yankee is a farmer-owned credit cooperative serving Vermont and parts of New York and New Hampshire. Quarterly earnings were up from the prior year, and loan quality has worsened slightly.  Yankee’s overall level of capital remains strong.

The first defense in making it through low milk prices is knowing your net cost of production and/or your breakeven milk price. When you have a solid grasp of where you stand financially, you will know more precisely how much cash will be needed to keep afloat.

Agritourism is the combination of two industries: tourism and agriculture. We are beginning to see this combined industry gain more traction in the United States. These days, people are sick of constantly being glued to their electronics and want to get outside to reconnect with the land. Agritourism provides this opportunity. Many farmers across the United States are looking to different business ventures to aid their working farm with some extra income, and agritourism is looking like a good way to do just that.