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Why Your Vote Matters

by: Isa Siewert

Our very first virtual annual meeting was held on June 25th, so now it is once again time to visit the most vital pillar of cooperatives: Democratic Owner Control.

You may know this principle from our previous post, Cooperative Management Starts with Your Vote
where we addressed the importance of your right to vote and advocate for representation on our board. But, today is all about actually bringing to light some of the more technical aspects of this year’s proceedings.

Our election is quite a bit different than most years simply because our members now have the chance to mail-in their ballot as opposed to an in-person vote. While the means of casting has changed, the gravity of your input remains the same and your participation in this process is important to us. We are grateful to be governed by a body that was elected by our members so we can support you under their leadership and decision-making.

Not only is this year unique due to the virtual presentation, we are also seeing that two of the regions only have one candidate running. Paul Franklin of region #3 and Kyle Thygesen of region #2 are both currently running solo. However, your vote still counts and we still take into deep consideration the level of support you show to our nominees.


If there is only one candidate, why vote?

Even though having one candidate presents an obvious result, casting your ballot is still meaningful because you are actively advocating for your representation. As a member, your vote indicates your belief in the candidate to represent the membership in the governance of the Association. Participation under any circumstances makes for a more well-rounded association.
“We have a great Board of Directors, and the Association is always looking for good people to represent the members’ interests,” Says CFO of Yankee Farm Credit, Pam Simek, “younger members, females, different commodities, new ag, traditional ag, small, medium or large – a good representation of what our members look like today!”

If you are looking to get even more hands on with your role at Yankee, consider participating in the process by reaching out the Nominating Committee. With the committee, you can find information about serving as a Director or being a part of the candidate search as a member of the committee.

As of June 29th, the mail-in ballot has been sent out to all of our members.

At YFC, we never stop listening and we are always here to help. If you have questions about your business or how you can get involved as a member
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