Custom Crop Insurance Plans

When it comes to agriculture, you can’t control everything. Our crop insurance experts can tailor a program of insurance covering your needs.

Your agricultural business depends on a lot of variables to be successful, some of those out of your control. Managing the risks you face every day is an important part of running your business. Crop insurance can help reduce your risk with adjusted gross income and/or multi-peril coverage.

Yankee offers crop insurance through its Crop Growers, LLP insurance agency. With expertise in crop insurance, our agency can help tailor a plan for your unique business. Two types of crop insurance are available:

Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) Insurance

AGR insurance provides protection against low revenue due to unavoidable natural disasters and market fluctuations that occur during an insurance year. AGR is a complex insurance to understand. Your experienced Crop Growers insurance agent will work closely with you to answer your questions, choose a level of coverage and provide a personalized quote.

Multi-peril crop insurance

A little peace of mind goes a long way these days, especially when it's easy and affordable to obtain. Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) can help you take some of the risk and worry out of the whims of nature. We call it "weather management" insurance, because it can protect your financial well-being from nearly all natural disasters, including:

  • drought
  • excess moisture
  • cold and frost
  • flood
  • wildlife
  • unavoidable damage from insects and disease

Crop Growers, LLP agents are dedicated to the success of your business through risk management planning. They provide a diversified, knowledgeable team of insurance agents who specialize in the Federal Crop Insurance Program. For more detailed information and a personalized analysis by a Crop Growers LLP agent, contact Charlie Messenger at 320 Exchange Street in Middlebury, VT 800.545.1169 or cell 802.598.8578.

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