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Beyond the Bridge Organics

Chuck Custeau, Loan Officer

Abe Barnard and Jade Salvas recently started Beyond the Bridge Organics in Montgomery, VT raising organic vegetables and specializing in garlic. The location is a former dairy farm just beyond one of Montgomery’s scenic covered bridges on a side road, hence the name. They requested a FarmStart investment to purchase seed (bulbs), soil preparation, and equipment. They started with ½ acre and used the seed for their 2017 planting. With the FarmStart funds they increased production to one acre.

They identified several marketing strategies for success. They contacted a regional food wholesaler for input on demand, type of garlic, and market price. They reached out to local chefs to learn about the type of garlic they desire and what they are willing to pay for it. Both markets indicated a willingness to purchase their garlic. They also market at local farmers markets.

For more about Beyond the Bridge Organics, visit them online:

The goal of FarmStart is to provide working capital to help start-up farmers establish a positive business and credit history during the early phases of their careers. Within five years recipients should be able to graduate to a conventional line of credit from Yankee or another lender.

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