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Privacy and Security

A Message from Brenda Frank, President and CEO

Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was weather, disease and commodity prices?

As I focus on our fall newsletter, the news is full of the Equifax hack, facial recognition technology, e-mail impersonation. Both the issues and the solutions continue to get more complex at a rapid pace. Our Association has experienced many of the scam attempts that you hear about in the media. We have significant focus on ensuring that these scammers do not gain access to information through Yankee Farm Credit.

If you have phoned in for a wire transfer lately, you might have noticed some new procedures, such as phoning you back, to be sure it is really you making the request. It might not be the same every time. That’s on purpose; it’s designed to be sure we only execute requests from the owner of an account.

The only constant is change. I know it has become cliché, but after one year at Yankee Farm Credit, it is clear that to keep up with our quickly changing business environment, we need to be incredibly agile.

We are getting closer to implementing a full conversion to new computer systems. Our financial services teams have already moved over to the new system and our credit team will be moving over on January 1, 2018. Data security both through the conversion process and in day-to-day operations is a key priority.

With full adoption of our new system, we are looking forward to providing you more robust online banking options and adding significant efficiencies into our operating procedures. Some changes may take getting used to for all of us. For example, your billing statements will look different in 2018. Our team will be ready to answer any questions you have through this transition, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

As you progress through the fall, managing the continued risks of weather, disease and commodity prices, please know that we are protecting your personal information and doing everything in our power to combat the security risks posed to your financial accounts at Yankee Farm Credit.

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